Advanced Careers N-Z

Note: The contents of this chapter may, at some point in the future, have to be reduced from that which you see present. If that becomes the case, it will still contain basic information that could be ferreted out from the same sources I used to compile the Project, but not as much gap-filler, unofficial material as is here at present. The reason for the potentiality of removing this information is that a sourcebook that might, just possibly, get published sometime is in development at this time, that may yet (we still don't know quite yet) contain some as yet unofficial information broadly similar to some of that that presented here. Due to publishing constraints, and to keep open the possibility of publishing that information, I reserve the right to remove it from view here in due course.

Advanced careers A-M

Pack Master (Advanced Ranger)
Desc: Where the Wulfboys are responsible for the training of Wolves and Boars for riding, Pack Masters are responsible for the training and handling of those animals caught and trained but not (or at most rarely) ridden. These creatures typically include various species of Wolf, Boar, Rat and Wardog, as well as the more ferocious Squigs like the Cave Squig. Most Pack Masters started out as Runtherdz.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+2, W+5, I+20, Ld+10, Cl+20, WP+10.
Skills: Animal Care, Animal Training - one animal from those above.
Trappings: Hand weapon, spear, prodder (see the Runtherd (B) career for more info), D6 large sturdy cages, whip.
Entries: Grunta (B), Runtherd (B), Wulfboy (B), Squig Hunter (B)
Exits: Squig Hunter (A)

Painboy (Advanced Academic)
Desc: Painboys are the invariably sadistic souls who operate the Goblinoid torture racks and such that are made by the Endjineers. Painboys revel in the pain of their victims and some even learn how to heal some of the more severe damage so the pain can be inflicted on the victim all over again. This medical experience makes some actually quite good surgeons, better than the Doktors some begin as.
Adv scheme: WS+10, S+2, W+3, I+10, Dex+10, Ld+10, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+20.
Skills: Heal Wounds, Surgery, Torture.
Trappings: Medical/surgery tools, thumb screws, etc.
Entries: Doktor (B), Endjineer (A), Ganggob (B), Kook (B)
Exits: Endjineer (A)

Shaman - Level one (Advanced Academic)
Desc: The magical and religious element of the Goblinoid community. Almost all Shamans worship the whole Gobbo pantheon and no one particular god, but some devout to one god in particular are found. Some especially advanced Shamans choose to specialise in some of the less wholesome aspects of magic like Necromancy and Demonology, while some take the route to elementalism, often specialising in the elements of Earth or Fire (after all, the Badlands are a very rocky place (IMO) and the destructiveness of fire probably appeals to the Gobbo mind - I may write some careers to this effect in the course of time %%%, until then use the standard elementalist and tweak it as you think appropriate for the Goblinoid mindset and the element(s) specialised in). The 'Eadbanger career must be fully completed before allowing entry into Shaman L1. See also the Religion and Magic chapters.
Magic points: 3D4.
Adv scheme: WS+10, S+1, W+3, I+10, Ld+10, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Cast Spells - Orc 1, Theology (Goblinoid gods), War Chant, Consume Alcohol, Dance.
Skills (Savage Orc only): Frenzied Attack, Manu. Inks.
Trappings: Shamanal head-dress.
Entries: 'Eadbanger (B)
Exits: Shaman L2 (A)

Shaman - Level two (Advanced Academic)
Magic points: 3D4.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+5, I+10, A+1, Dex+10, Ld+20, Int+20, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: CS - Orc 2, Heal Wounds, Id. Plant/Fungi, Frenzied Attack, AL - Goblinoid.
Skills (Savage Orc only): Reinforce Tattoos, Manu. Inks.
Trappings: None.
Entries: Shaman L1 (A)
Exits: Shaman L3 (A)

Shaman - Level three (Advanced Academic)
Magic points: 3D4.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+2, W+6, I+20, A+1, Ld+20, Int+20, Cl+20, WP+20.
Skills: CS - Orc 3, Demon Lore, Manu. Potions, Power Vomit.
Trappings: None.
Entries: Shaman L2 (A)
Exits: Advisor (A), Shaman L4 (A), Necromancer L1 (A), Demonologist L1 (A)

Shaman - Level four (Advanced Academic)
Magic points: 3D4.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+2, W+6, I+30, A+1, Ld+30, Int+30, Cl+30, WP+30.
Skills: CS - Orc 4, Demon Lore, Divination, Identify Magic Artefact.
Trappings: None.
Entries: Shaman L3 (A)
Exits: Advisor (A), Necromancer L1 (A), Demonologist L1 (A)

Smiff (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: The Goblinoids like all humanoid societies, need their craftsmen, and Smiffs specialise in the working of metal goods, weapons, armour, arrow heads, etc. Usually Hobgoblins or the occasional Goblin, the Smiffs are capable of modest acccomplishments (breastplates, shields, weapons, helms, etc.) but nothing much more complex (eg. full mail coat) for which the sort of advanced facilities Human or Dwarven craftsmen possess are neccesary.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+2, I+20, Dex+20, Ld+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Metallurgy, Smithing, Tailor, Art, Carpentry.
Trappings: Artisans tools, hand weapon, shield, leather jerkin, leather coif.
Entries: Craffter (B), Endjineer (A)
Exits: Endjineer (A)

Sneakin' Git (Advanced Ranger) [By Chris Clements]
Desc: All races in the Old World have some sort of military intelligence of one kind or another. Most use conventional means to gain access to the information they seek, logically using the most effective and tested methods of subterfuge. Who else but the Goblinoids would use spies who use only the most twisted logic, crude cunning, dull wits and a strange affinity for the zaniest of plans!
The Sneakin' Gitz are the Goblinoid answer to spies or long range scouts. Sneakin' Gitz, who are essential for plans of attack and defense, go through an intense (five minute) training course on spying and are forced to memorize twenty or so lines in Old Worlder which they repeat as fast as they can if they feel threatened. What the Goblinoid spies lack in intelligence they often make up for in sheer foolhardiness that borders on psychosis. Their disguises are usually full of holes that a blind person could notice, but the sheer surprise of the situation gives them a strange edge - Who would expect a Goblin to walk straight into town, even masked? Add to this most Sneakin' Gitz carry with them an unusual substance called 'lafta mold' that (while not affecting them - much) triggers euphoria and an intoxicated like state within most other humanoids, most effectively in Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings (in other words, the other PC races!).
The Goblins disguise themselves in a variety of ways - to impersonate a Human or Elf they will team up, one Gobbo working the legs while the other one works the upper body. Sneakin' Gitz have been known to impersonate all of the following in one manner or another: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, cows, Giants, rocks, dogs, bushes, piles of dung, horses, trees, pieces of furniture, dead animals, children, chickens, barrels, scarecrows, pieces of art, etc. When impersonating a humanoid, they will paint their faces white and do what they can to hide what they are. Other unfortunate mimicings include a bonfire, a cannon, a wheel, cannonball, large weapons, fish, and a small hill (which all those involved in were killed when the large structure collapsed).
The Gitz often adopt codenames that they use while out on the field. These names are often twisted versions of an original humanoid name (try using your characters real names when coming up with codenames for the Gitz, and if you're really cruel, copy some of the individuals habits!). Details of the 'Lafta' mold can be found in the Appendices.
Adv scheme: S+10, BS+10, T+1, I+30, A+1, Dex+20, Int+20, Cl+10, WP+10, Fel+30.
Skills: Acting, Art, Blather, Carpentry, Conc. Rural, Conc. Urban, Disguise, Escapology, Follow Trail, Herb Lore, Mime, Mimic, Scale Sheer Surface, SM Rural, SM Urban, Speak Additional Language, Tailor.
Trappings: Disguise, hand weapon, D6+4 uses of the 'Lafta' mold.
Entries: Sneak (B), Cheatin' Git (A)
Exits: Assassin (A)

Snorta (Advanced Warrior) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: For the real 'ard core Orc boyz the ultimate showing off trick is going into battle at the front line. Best way to make sure you are in front and remain there is to mount a war-boar. So, the major tough guys - along with the more experienced Gruntas - go to battle together in mounted elite units. While not at war (it occasionally happens!), they spend a lot of time showing off with the beast and training their combat skills, lest the Warboss should order their precious beasts passed on to others more qualified ("War boars too preshus t' be weisted on sockin' fools!").
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+2, T+1, W+6, A+1, I+20, Dex+10, Ld+10, Cl+20, WP+10.
Skills: Animal Training - Boar, Ride - Boar, Specialist Weapon - Spear, Strike Mighty Blow, [Trick Riding - Boar??].
Trappings: Boar, leather jacket, shield, crossbow and 20 bolts, spear, hand weapon.
Entries: Grunta (B)
Exits: Snorta Cheef (A)

Snorta Cheef (Advanced Warrior) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: In bigger tribes the warboss appoints the toughest, most vicious of the Snortas to Snorta Cheef, Leader of the Tribe Cavalry. Of course, lots of prestige - and nice females (!) - comes along with the job, as the Snorta Cheef is ranked along with the Big Bosses. Naturally, the fight for the job is fierce.
Adv scheme: WS+30, BS+10, S+2, T+2, W+6, A+2, I+20, Dex+10, Ld+20, Cl+20, WP+20.
Skills: Animal Training - Boar, Ride - Boar, Spec. Weapon - Spear, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure.
Trappings: Boar, mail shirt, shield, helmet, crossbow and 20 bolts, spear, hand weapon.
Entries: Snorta (A)
Exits: Warboss (A), Advisor

Warboss (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: The Warboss is the ruler of the tribe, the final decision taker except when a Waaargh is on when he is under the command of a Warlord. He commands all from the Bosses and Big Bosses at the top to the lowliest Slaves at the bottom.
When a waaargh is on, Many tribes come together to form a horde, and one of the Warbosses' will necessarily by in charge. This position, that of Warlord, is one extremely hard to attain. The Waaargh is typically named after the Warlord in charge.
Adv scheme: WS+30, BS+30, S+3, T+3, W+8, I+30, A+3, Dex+20, Ld+40, Fel+20.
Skills: Dodge Blow, Speak Additional Language, Strike Mighty Blow, Disarm, Public Speaking, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Spec Wpn - 2H.
Trappings: Sleeved mail coat, breast plate, shield, mail coif, helm, hand weapon, knife, 2H weapon.
Entries: Warcheef (A), Snorta Cheef (A)

Warcheef (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: Above the Gang Cheefs but below the Warboss, are the Warcheefs. Together with the Snorta Cheefs, they form what is called the Boss caste of the tribe and as such have access to many of the more fanciable females. More info can be found in the Defence and War chapter.
Adv scheme: WS+30, BS+20, S+2, T+2, W+6, I+20, A+2, Ld+30, Cl+20, Fel+20.
Skills: Disarm, Dodge Blow, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Spec wpn - 2H, Public Speaking.
Trappings: Hand weapon, 2H weapon, leather coif, mail shirt, shield, knife.
Entries: Gang Cheef (A)
Exits: Advisor (A), Warboss (A)

WulfBoy Scout (Advanced Ranger)
Desc: Where the Foot Scouts are responsible for short range reconnaissance, Wulfboy and Boarboy scouts provide the long range reconnaissance otherwise provided only by the Doom Divers. Wulfboy Scouts are essentially mounted scouts and are often just as easy to track back to their tribe... See also the Wulfboy (B) career.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+4, I+20, A+1, Dex+10, Ld+10, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Animal Care, Conc. Rural, Follow Trail, Ride Wolf/Boar, Silent Move Rural.
Trappings: Wolf or boar, leather jerkin, shield, short bow + 20 arrows, hand weapon.
Entries: Foot Scout (B), Wulfboy (B)
Exits: Wulfboy (B)

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