Basic Careers N-Z

Note: The contents of this chapter may, at some point in the future, have to be reduced from that which you see present. If that becomes the case, it will still contain basic information that could be ferreted out from the same sources I used to compile the Project, but not as much gap-filler, unofficial material as is here at present. The reason for the potentiality of removing this information is that a sourcebook that might, just possibly, get published sometime is in development at this time, that may yet (we still don't know quite yet) contain some as yet unofficial information broadly similar to some of that that presented here. Due to publishing constraints, and to keep open the possibility of publishing that information, I reserve the right to remove it from view here in due course.

Basic careers A-M

Nannee (Basic Academic)
Desc: Nanneez are usually elderly Goblin slaves with little more of a useful life left who function as the child rearers of Gobbo society. In a culture where parental responsibility is almost unheard of, it falls on the Nanneez to care for the Goblinoid 'sprogs' during the first few months of their lives (Goblinoids develop surprisingly rapidly), bringing them to the stage where it's up to the young Gobbo to carve a place for themselves in the tribe pecking order.
Adv scheme: T+1, W+2, I+10, Dex+10, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Child Care, Estimate, Spec Wpn - Leather strap, Dodge Blow.
Trappings: Leather strap.
Entries: Slave (B)

Prostitute (Basic Rogue)
Desc: Of course, no society as sexually loose as that of the Goblinoids could be complete without the Prostitute. Prostitutes make a career out of seducing mates and unlike Human prostitutes who take cash payment, instead take favours from the clients and gain useful gossip from their possibly loose tongued mates. Most, however, do it mainly because it's fun!
Adv scheme: W+1, I+10, Dex+10, Fel+10.
Skills: Charm, Concealment Urban, Massage, Seduction, 20% chance of Immunity to Disease, 40% chance of Pick Pocket.
Trappings: Revealing clothes, flask of evocative scent.
Entries: Snivla (B), Slave (B)
Exits: Slave (B), Sneak (B)

Rat Catcher (Basic Ranger)
Desc: For those tribes who live in underground holds or sets, Rats are commonplace in the tunnels of the complex. These Rats eat any stored food, get underfoot and generally annoy the Goblinoid inhabitants. Rats, however, are not the worst of creatures to stalk the deep earthy corridors, and many a Gobbo has been found mutilated shortly after the tribe connects with a new tunnel. None know what stalks the deeper tunnels of the Badlands and Darklands and fewer still want to. The Goblinoid Rat Catchers, unfortunately, have little choice in the matter...
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, W+2, Dex+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Concealment Urban, Immunity to Disease, Set Trap, Silent Move Urban, Spec wpn - Net, Spec wpn - Sling, Spot Trap.
Trappings: Hand weapon, spear, net, sling and ammo, D6 animal traps.
Entries: Slave (B), Ganggob (B)
Exits: Ganggob (B), Kaoshunter (A)

Runtherd (Basic Ranger)
Desc: Where humanity has its Slavers, Gobbo society also needs those who make the Slaves behave. This is part of a Runtherdz job, other tasks include managing the wandering Squigs (although any wandering Cave Squigs are quickly reported to the Pack Masters) and dealing with any slave Snotlings or Lesser Goblins. Some Runtherdz go on to deal with the packs of animals and Squigs the more experienced Pack Masters manage.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, W+3, I+10, Ld+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Animal Care, Heal Wounds, Spec Wpn - Whip.
Trappings: Spear or Prodder, whip, cages, manacles, leg irons. [[Add info on the Prodder ($GbA, p73). %%%]]
Entries: Slave (B)
Exits: Pack Master (A)

See Foot Scout (B), Wulfboy Scout (A) and Boarboy Scout (A). Then there's the Sneakin' Gitz (A), a distinctly crazy blend of spy and scout...

Slave (Basic Rogue)
Desc: Slaves are the lowest of Gobbo society, the down and outs. They do all the dirty jobs no-one else wants to do and are beaten if they complain too loudly. Those members of smaller species with little contingent in the tribe are often made Slaves, usually Snotlings and Lesser Goblins.
Adv scheme: WS+10, W+2, I+10, WP+10, Fel+10.
Skills: Dodge Blow, Blather, Massage.
Trappings: None.
Entries: Snivla (B), Prostitute (B)
Exits: Tunnel Runner (B), Runtherd (B), Nannee (B), Forager (B), Foot Scout (B), Prostitute (B), Rat Catcher (B)

Sneak (Basic Rogue)
Desc: Petty crime is rife in Goblinoid society, and none know or use this more so than the Sneaks. Sneaks blend into Gobbo society and filch what they take a fancy to when the previous owners' back is turned and blend right back in, not drawing attention to themselves and slinking away with the spoils. A Sneak will sometimes frame another Gobbo for the theft, either as a practical joke, to get back at an enemy or when the situation demands they not be regarded as a suspect of the theft for which there may be only a few possible pilferers.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, W+2, I+10, Dex+10, Fel+10.
Skills: Concealment Urban, Silent Move Urban, Silent Move Rural, Evaluate, Palm Object, Flee!, Pick Pocket.
Trappings: D10 small baubles and things.
Entries: Snivla (B), Tunnel Runner (B), Forager (B), Prostitute (B)
Exits: Sneakin' Git (A), Assassin (A), Cheetin' Git (A)

Snivla (Basic Rogue)
Desc: Just like Human society, Gobbo society is not without those who (try to) live by begging off others, and this is the role of the Snivlas. The nature of Goblinoid society means the tactic works little but this doesn't seem to stop the majority of them, who if they are of the smaller Gobbo species are usually promptly ate by their peckish betters...
Adv scheme: WS+10, T+1, W+2, I+10.
Skills: Begging, Conc. Urban, Silent Move Urban, 20% chance of Consume Alcohol.
Trappings: None.
Exits: Sneak (B), Slave (B), Prostitute (B), Cheetin' Git (A)

Squig Hunter (Advanced Ranger) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: Searching for exotic kinds of fungi and moulds the goblins venture deep into the tunnels beneath their mountain caves. Here they must fight other searchers of the plants, the ferocious Cave Squigs. The goblins have learned that the Cave Squigs can actually be useful (roasted cave squig is considered quite a delicacy in some tribes), so some of the braver goblins have specialised in catching them. With long, sturdy Prodders (see elsewhere) they goad the cave squigs into places where others are ready to cast big nets over the beasts and bash them senseless with mighty clubs.
Squig Hunters tend to grow proud and boasting and happily show their skills at disciplines such as squig wrestling, tunnel racing, squig pit leaping and bare-back squig riding.
Adv scheme: WS+20, S+2, T+1, W+4, I+10, Dex+10, Ld+10, Cl+20.
Skills: Follow Trail, Identify Plant (Subterranean), Ride - Cave Squig (only for the truly reckless ones), Specialist Weapon - 2-handed, - Net, - Prodder, Strike to Stun.
Trappings: Prodder, 2-handed club, net, sack for fungi.
Entries: Pack Master (A)
Exits: Pack Master (A)

Tunnel Runner (Basic Ranger)
Desc: Tunnel Runners, specialised slaves used as messengers, are used in large underground Gobbo lairs to send communication between sections of the hold. A Tunnel Runner will often flee rather than fight anything he faces in the nastier tunnels, probably a wise choice but one earning Tunnel Runners the nickname of 'running jeebies'. Jeebies are sometimes forced above ground when tunnels collapse or are taken by hostile forces or any of the nastier creatures that can (and do) stalk some of the deeper Goblinoid tunnels.
Adv scheme: M+1, WS+20, S+1, T+1, W+2, I+10, Dex+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Flee!, Fleet Footed, Orientation (underground only), Spot Traps, 25% chance of Sixth Sense, 25% chance of Silent Move Urban, 10% chance of Follow Trail.
Trappings: None. [[Knife?]]
Entries: Slave (B)
Exits: Sneak (B)

Wall Drummer (Basic Ranger) [By Oliver Rosenkranz]
Desc: Many Orcish and Goblin tribes live in large underground caves or in deserted dwarven tunnel systems. The need to communicate over long distances brought up some (for Goblinoid measures) innovative ideas. While Tunnel Runners are used, they can prove to be either too unreliable in the face of grave danger to the tribe or (in the case of Orcish runners) too massive to run through the narrowest tunnels, for example when the main tunnels have been taken by enemies. Therefore a special (and still primitive) communication technique has been developed by some tribes, Wall Drumming. Wall Drummers are valuable members of their tribes as they transport important messages in times of danger. Of course, Wall Drumming has also weak points as most tribes have different drumming codes which sometimes causes fatal misunderstandings. Also, in huge tunnel complexes the drumming can be heard over a very long distance by applying an ear to the tunnel wall, but its source is often much less easy located. In some tribes each patrol 'gang' contains a Wall Drummer. Wall Drummers are often called on for Gobbo religious rites.
Adv scheme: WS+10, S+1, W+2, I+10, Int+10, WP+10.
Skills: Acute Hearing, Orientation (underground only), Secret Signs/Language - Walldrumming code, 50% chance of Primitive Mineralogy, 35% chance of Musicianship - Drum.
Trappings: Pair of wooden drum sticks, improvised drum.
Entries: Ganggob (B)
Exits: Ganggob (B)

Wulfboy (Basic Ranger)
Desc: Wulfboys are the Wolf riders and trainers of Goblinoid society and, despite the name of the career, also deal with Boars. These Boar or Great Wolf mounts are almost as big as a horse. Some Wulfboys choose to specialise in reconnaissance as Wulfboy Scouts, others switch to the life of the Pack Master.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, W+2, I+10, Dex+10, Ld+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Animal Training - Wolf/Boar, Ride - Wolf/Boar, Animal Care.
Trappings: Wolf or Boar, leather jacket, shield, short bow and 20 arrows (Goblin and smaller), crossbow and 20 bolts (Orc), spear, hand weapon.
Entries: Wulfboy Scout (A), Driver (B)
Exits: Wulfboy Scout (A), Pack Master (A), Driver (B)

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