Note: The contents of this chapter may, at some point in the future, have to be reduced from that which you see present. If that becomes the case, it will still contain basic information that could be ferreted out from the same sources I used to compile the Project, but not as much gap-filler, unofficial material as is here at present. The reason for the potentiality of removing this information is that a sourcebook that might, just possibly, get published sometime is in development at this time, that may yet (we still don't know quite yet) contain some as yet unofficial information broadly similar to some of that that presented here. Due to publishing constraints, and to keep open the possibility of publishing that information, I reserve the right to remove it from view here in due course.

Arcane Language - Goblinoid

This is a language known only by Shamans, basically an expanded superset of the standard GobScript symbols to cover such things as magic, a subject 'standard' GobScript handles poorly.

Child Care

This skill covers, at its most basic, how to look after sprogs (the Goblinoid term for kids) and not get beaten by your betters when the kids die of starvation. It covers the Nanneez attempts to discipline the little gremlins, make sure they aren't wounded too badly in their 'mock fights' and make sure they get fed, etc. properly.

Manufacture Inks [by Hal Eccles]

This skill, along the lines of the Manufacture Potions skill, is typically used by Savage Orc Shamans to adorn the bodies of themselves and their fellows. Inks created thus aren't magical but work on the basis of simple psychology - the Orcs believe they work so they do! These inks are more like paints really and must be reapplied every so often due to weather, battle or just general sweating. The process of covering the body with tattoos takes about an hour to do.

Basic tattoos used are:

Other tattoos are specific to individual tribes and Shamans and will be covered elsewhere. [[Probably in the Religion and Magic chapter when I get round to putting the tattoos in there]].


This is the fine, luxurious massage that characterises the Warbosses favourite slaves, after all, any who aren't that good die quickly, and is also used by Prostitutes to get their clients 'in da mood' for the pleasures to come, as well as serving to loosen their clients tongues...

Power Vomit

Eventually, a Shaman learns to discharge used magical energy bubbling in his brain in a way not requiring his copper staff but which is much more flamboyant and more dangerous to those in the immediate area. The energy is belched out as a sickly green fireball, causing damage as in the Fireball description of the rulebook on whatever it hits, roll target randomly if necessary. Potentially very useful in battle but not reliable - it can only be done when the Shaman is about to 'Eadbang and he must pass an I test to Power Vomit rather than 'Eadbang.

Primitive Mineralogy [By Hal Eccles]

Characters with this skill, principally the tribes' Wall Drummers, are able to 'feel'/'hear' the quality and/or quantity of a mineral/stone by hitting it. By passing an Int test, the character may be able to estimate the diameter of a wall or to estimate the distance of the sound of a distant hit against a tunnel wall.

Reinforce Tattoos [By Hal Eccles]

When the Savage Orc Shaman is with the boyz he can reinforce the psychology which makes their 'magical' tattoos work. He can convince them that their tattoos will protect them really well and therefore the protection given by protective tattoos is increased to 1 AP on all locations. Go fasta red tattoos are unchanged and other tattoos are left to the GMs discretion.

R/W - GobScript

The ability to read and write the Gobbo tongue, Ha^zhakh, on which more info can be found in the Goblinoid Culture chapter.

Specialist Weapon - Spear [By N. Arne Dam]

Trained characters can use a spear like a lance when charging mounted. This gives a +1 to damage when charging mounted. Optionally, the charging rules form Clad in Steel can be used.

War Chant [By Hal Eccles]

This skill, used by Shamans, can only be used if there is at least 5 other Orcs (Orcs, Savage Orcs, Black Orcs or Hobgoblins) or 10 Goblins within 20 yards of the Shaman. The Shaman starts up the chant and the boyz join in. This wild energy gives the Shaman more magical power, an extra D6 magic points which will disappear at the end of the turn if they are unused.

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