Basic Careers A-M

Note: The contents of this chapter may, at some point in the future, have to be reduced from that which you see present. If that becomes the case, it will still contain basic information that could be ferreted out from the same sources I used to compile the Project, but not as much gap-filler, unofficial material as is here at present. The reason for the potentiality of removing this information is that a sourcebook that might, just possibly, get published sometime is in development at this time, that may yet (we still don't know quite yet) contain some as yet unofficial information broadly similar to some of that that presented here. Due to publishing constraints, and to keep open the possibility of publishing that information, I reserve the right to remove it from view here in due course.

Arrer Boy (Basic Warrior)
Desc: Arrer Boys form the core missile support of Goblinoid attack and defence forces. They use only basic weapons (that is, bows, crossbows and the like - long bows, elf bows, repeating cross bows, etc. are definitely out except in very rare circumstances) and are actually fairly good shots, better than the majority of their Goblinoid brethren. They are also capable of making their own arrows, although these are lower quality than those they would otherwise use (made by the Craffters or scavenged from other races).
Adv scheme: BS+10, W+1, Dex+10.
Skills: Carpentry, 20% chance of Marksmanship.
Trappings: 25% change of leather armour, bow or crossbow and 2D10 arrows/bolts, hand weapon.
Exits: Artillerist (A), Assassin (A)

Artist (Basic Academic)
Desc: Occasionally, a rare Goblinoid individual (usually a Goblin or Lesser Goblin) gets the creative urge and will take up this career. Artists, almost invariably slightly unhinged, make use of whatever inks or paint they have to enliven the surface of rocks, cave walls, treated animal skins (sometimes still on the animal in question!), or whatever they take the whim to paint on (sometimes the body of a sleeping buddy - think 'Shoot me' signs on the back and such like :o) ). They are rarely much good but this never seems to put them off...
Adv scheme: I+10, Dex+20, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Art.
Trappings: D2-1 insanity points, D4 pots of paint or ink, D4 brushes of varying quality, D4 animal pelts.
Exits: Craffter (B), Fanatic (B)

Craffter (Basic Academic)
Desc: Craffters are the artisans and handymen of the Goblinoid world. Usually Hobgoblins or Goblins, their main role is in the making of arrows, leather armour and similar items. They aid the Smiffs in the making of metal armour, weapons and shields and the Endjineers in the making of war engines, torture racks and such like.
Adv scheme: S+1, W+2, I+10, Dex+20, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Tailor, Art, Carpentry, 25% chance of Very Strong, 10% chance of Very Resilient.
Trappings: Basic tools.
Entries: Artist (B)
Exits: Smiff (A), Doom Diver (B), Doktor (B), Endjineer (A)

Doktor (Basic Academic)
Desc: Roughly equivalent to the Physicians Students, Pharmacists or Herbalists of Human society, Doktors prescribe pills and potions and poke around inside their vic- er.. patients, sometimes even helping to treat the malady or injury concerned... Most do it as much out of sadism as wanting to help the afflicted. While many do this relatively untrained, with often predictable results, some do learn the necessary skills and are actually fairly good doctors. The truly sadistic often aspire to join the ranks of the Painboys.
Adv scheme: T+1, W+1, Int+10, I+10.
Skills: Heal Wounds, Cure Disease, Identify Plants, Herb Lore, Surgery.
Trappings: Basic medical instruments, bag of multi-purpose herbs, pestle and mortar.
Entries: Craffter (B)
Exits: Painboy (A)

Doom Diver (Basic Ranger)
Desc: As useful as the Goblinoid scouts are, they have only a limited reconnaissance range. To overcome this, the Endjineers came up with a device called the Doom Diver catapult (or, more commonly, the Bat-winged Loonie lobber). This is a huge catapult capable of firing a Goblin into the blue sky yonder to (in theory at least) survey the land or crash down into enemy ranks causing a great deal of consternation as he does so.
Early experiments resulted in many fatalities until someone came up with the bright idea of using wings to control their flight and landing. Although this helps little in reducing the damage the poor demented Gobbo (they do it voluntarily!) takes on landing, it does at least allow the Goblin to steer and have some effect on just when he plummets to Terra Firma. Each Doom Diver (also commonly known as Bat-winged Loonies) always makes his/her own wings, never trusting any other Gobbo to so much as touch them...
Note that this is a career for Goblins only. Snotlings and Lesser Goblins are too small to push back the catapult and fire themselves, others too large (straining the catapult - experiments on larger and more robust catapults for Orcy Doom Divers have had little recognisable success up to yet). Notes on the Doom Diver Catapult can be found in the Defence and War chapter.
Adv scheme: S+1, T+1, W+2, I+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Acrobatics (limited form used for controlled landings: -2 damage on jumps and falls), Carpentry, Spec wpn - Doom Diver catapult (Bat-winged Loonie lobber), 50% chance of Very Resilient.
Trappings: Pair of wooden wings, lots of bruises, D6 broken bones, D3 insanity points. (Sadistic GMs might like to have the player actually roll to see how well his character made his wings - a bad failure could very well mean they're useless up in the air with possibly deadly consequences... }:o>).
Entries: Craffter (B)
Exits: Fanatic (B)

Driver (Basic Ranger) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: Both in times of war and peace, chariots drawn by Wolves or Boars have proven both useful and important for the nomadic life of some Gobbo tribes. Thus, a few Goblins specialize in driving them.
Adv scheme: WS+10, W+2, I+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Animal Care, Drive Cart, Specialist Weapon - Whip.
Trappings: Chariot, boars or wolves, whip, hand weapon.
Entries: Grunta (B), Wulf Boy (B)
Exits: Grunta (B), Wulf Boy (B) [Well, any ideas??]

'Eadbanger (Basic Academic)
Desc: 'Eadbangers are the wizard/alchemists apprentices of the Orcy world. Shamanistic magic is such that many of those unskilled in releasing the pent-up magical energy bubbling in their brain quickly go doo-lally by way of the 'Eadbang effect. Those 'Eadbangers who by some feat learn to control their powers (that is, fully complete the 'Eadbanger career) are ready to advance to the first level of the Shaman career. More information on Goblinoid magic can be found in the Religion and Magic chapters.
Magic points: 2D4.
Adv scheme: W+2, I+10, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Cast Spells - Petty, Magic Sense, R/W - GobScript. Starting characters get D3 free Petty magic spells.
Trappings: Copper staff, shamans robes.
Entries: Acolyte (B)
Exits: Shaman L1 (A), Acolyte (B)
Magic Points: As normal for Humans.

Fanatic (Basic Warrior) [Partly based on a career by 'Alfred the GM']
Desc: Goblinoid Fanatics are a strange lot, even for Goblinoids! They drink a potion, made by the tribe Shamans from the Madcap (_very_ appropriate name!) mushroom and called Fungus Brew, which turns the otherwise fairly normal (if slightly demented) Gobbo into a manic killing machine... In combat Fanatics wield a huge ball and chain, swinging it wildly (and uncontrollably) in a great sphere of death dangerous to both friend and foe alike.
This career is for Goblins only - Snotlings and Lesser Goblins are too small to lift the enormous ball and chain these guys wield, and Orcs are too big, falling over and hitting themselves with the *@!!** thing :o)... Details of Fungus Brew and the Madcap mushroom can be found in the Appendices.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+2, T+1, W+6, I+10, A+1, Cl+20, WP+10.
Skills: Frenzied Attack, Strike Mighty Blow, Spec Wpn - Flail wpns (for ball and chain!), Dodge Blow.
Trappings: Massive ball and chain, D3 bottles of Fungus Brew, D4 insanity points per advance or skill as they are taken (these guys are *LOONIES*! Think Crazy axe/chainsaw maniacs and you're half there... ;o).
Entries: Artist (B), Doom Diver (B), Kaoshunter (A)
Exits: Humie Slayur (B)

Foot Scout (Basic Ranger)
Desc: Like the other humanoid races, the Goblinoids have their own reconnaissance scouts who check any new or suspicious areas ventured into and gather information on rival tribes and monitor the local Humies. All too often they are seen, followed back and bring attack on the tribe. Foot Scouts cover the immediate area while the Wulfboy Scouts reconnoiter further afield.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, W+2, I+10, Int+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Follow Trail, Silent Move Rural, Concealment Rural, Flee!.
Trappings: Hand weapon, leather jerkin, water bag, ... (general survival kit: see initial Ranger trappings, p.18).
Entries: Mappboy (B), Slave (B)
Exits: Wulfboy Scout (A), Mappboy (B)

Forager (Basic Ranger)
Desc: Foragers are specialised slaves sent out to forage for food in the surrounding area, usually under the direction of a Runtherd. It is not unknown for Foragers (and quite common for Runtherds) to keep a secret stockpile of food for when times are harsh, leaving the rest of the tribe to their fate.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+3, I+10, Dex+10, Int+10, WP+10.
Skills: Gamehunting, Follow Trail, Silent Move Rural, Identify Plant/Fungi. Trappings: Small food stockpile somewhere out of the way (a small secluded cave or some such place).
Entries: Slave (B)
Exits: Sneak (B), Kook (B)

Ganggob (Basic Warrior)
Desc: Ganggobs form the rank and file of a tribes defence and also act as wardens, patrolmen and jailers of a tribe. More info can be found in the Defence and War chapter.
Adv scheme: WS+10, T+1, W+4, I+10.
Skills: Disarm, Dodge Blow.
Trappings: Hand weapon, leather jerkin.
Entries: Mercenary (B), Wall Drummer (B), Rat Catcher (B)
Exits: Painboy (A), Wall Drummer (B), Tribe Guard - Gang Cheef (A), Rat Catcher (B)

Grunta (Basic Ranger) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: Gruntas, also known as Boarboyz, are the Orc equivalent of the Goblin Wulfboys. They train, ride and generally look after the tribe's War-boars, admiring the stubborn, vicious nature of the beasts (and their wicked tucks too... }:o) ) ("Nuffin' like smashin' da 'eads of your enimi, while da beest is smakin' 'is jelly, ya' know!")
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, W+4, I+10, Dex+10, Ld+10, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Animal Training - Boar, Ride - Boar, Animal Care.
Trappings: Boar, leather jacket, shield, crossbow and 20 bolts, spear, hand weapon.
Entries: Driver (B)
Exits: Snorta (A), Pack Master (A), Boarboy Scout (A), Driver (B)

Humie Slayur (Basic Warrior) [By Chris Clements]
Desc: Humie Slayurs are the lower rung of the group known as Stunty Slayurs. Seeing the effectiveness of the Dwarven Troll and Giant Slayers and Elven Wardancers, the Goblinoids decided to see what they could put together, and the Stunty Slayurs were the result. Humie (Human) Slayurs devote themselves to causing mindless mayhem directed (mostly) against other humanoid races in the Old World - their favourite combatant is a Dwarf, but anyone that gets in the way is fair game. Copying the slayers of Dwarven race, the Stuntie Slayers tattoo themselves and dye their hair (which they don't have a lot of - at least on top of their head!) different colors. Most wear bright colored wigs (or Hair Squigs) which they tack onto their heads.
Why do they do it? Perhaps a Dwurfie wronged him long ago, perhaps killing his favourite pet Squig, or maybe the green fellow just decided he wanted to kill a lot of things (the most likely reason!). Why is never important, for no one asks a Stuntie Slayer why he (or she - eww!) becomes a Stuntie Slayer. This is not due to any fear (well, maybe a little), but generally because they themselves have forgotten the original reason.
Stuntie Slayers do not concern themselves with caution - they want to kill, and if it means getting killed in the process then it's a price they are more than willing to pay. Humie and Dwurfie Slayers are quite often unhinged (that is, completely mad), and are likely to have eccentric behavior well beyond the norms of 'normal' Goblinoids (and the norm amongst Goblinoids can get pretty bizzare!).
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+6, I+20, A+1, Ld+20, Cl+20, WP+10.
Skills: Conc. Urban, Conc. Rural, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Spec wpn - 2H and another of GMs/players choice, Street Fighter, Strike Mighty Blow, 25% chance of Very Resilient, 25% chance of Very Strong.
Trappings: D4+4 weapons, 25% chance of some type of armour, Hair Squig, D4 bitz an things, D3 insanity points.
Entries: Mercenary (B), Fanatic (B)
Exits: Dwurfie Slayur (A), Mercenary Cheef (A), Assassin (A)

Kook (Basic Academic [or Rogue?]) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: While the big guys rest, someone has to prepare the food. These are the Kooks, though real Human (or similar) cooks would of course be terribly offended if at all compared with them. Often the Kooks cooperate with the Painboys when in need of ingredients... The Kooks are also the ones brewing the booze often found in the Gobbo camps, often drinking a great deal themselves and developing an appetite for it.
Adv scheme: WS+10, W+2, Dex+10.
Skills: Brewing, Cooking, Consume Alcohol.
Trappings: Leather apron, crudely made pots and pans, butcher's knife, devices for brewing.
Entries: Forager (B)
Exits: Painboy (A)

Mappboy (Basic Ranger)
Desc: Mappboys are the navigators of the Gobbo tribe. They pride themselves on their (sometimes less than brilliant) map reading and navigational skills and some can even navigate by the stars.
Adv scheme: WS+10, T+1, W+2, I+10, Int+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Read/Write - GobScript, Cartography, Orientation, 20% chance of Astronomy.
Trappings: A map, typically a crude one of the Badlands.
Entries: Foot Scout (B)
Exits: Foot Scout (B)

Mercenary (Basic Warrior)
Desc: Mercenaries are members of bands and tribes of Gobbos who wander the Badlands and Darklands, hiring their services out to others in return for a share of the spoils of war. Some join larger tribes permanently as Ganggobs, some hone their skills to a fine edge to become Humie Slayurs, others strike off on their own, for whatever reason, to seek out chaos and join the ranks of the legendary Kaoshunters.
Adv scheme: WS+10, T+1, W+2, I+10, Cl+10.
Skills: Disarm, Dodge Blow, Strike Mighty Blow.
Trappings: Leather jacket, shield, hand weapon.
Exits: Mercenary Cheef (A), Assassin (A), Humie Slayur (B), Gang Cheef (B), Kaoshunter (A)

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