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Note: The contents of this chapter may, at some point in the future, have to be reduced from that which you see present. If that becomes the case, it will still contain basic information that could be ferreted out from the same sources I used to compile the Project, but not as much gap-filler, unofficial material as is here at present. The reason for the potentiality of removing this information is that a sourcebook that might, just possibly, get published sometime is in development at this time, that may yet (we still don't know quite yet) contain some as yet unofficial information broadly similar to some of that that presented here. Due to publishing constraints, and to keep open the possibility of publishing that information, I reserve the right to remove it from view here in due course.

Advisor (Advanced Academic)
Desc: Advisors of the Warboss. Usually the first to lose heads when the Warbosses cunning plan fails. The best survive many Warbosses or are eventually elevated to the post themselves, the worst die quickly.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+3, I+20, Dex+10, Ld+10, Int+20, Cl+20, WP+10, Fel+20.
Skills: Charm, Blather, Evaluate, Dodge Blow, R/W - GobScript.
Trappings: Hand weapon, leather jerkin.
Entries: Shaman L3 (A), Shaman L4 (A), Mercenary Cheef (A), Priest L3 (A), Priest L4 (A), Warcheef (A), Snorta Cheef (A)
Exits: Warboss (A) (if and only if the Warcheef or Snorta Cheef career has been previously completed)

Artillerist (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: Artillerists, as might be expected, fire any war machines the Gobbo tribe happens to get hold of or the Endjineers make. Notes on war machines Goblinoids may have can be found in the Defence and War section.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+20, S+1, T+1, W+3, I+20, Dex+10, Ld+10, Int+20, Cl+10, WP+10.
Skills: Engineering, Carpentry, Spec wpn - D3 types of artillery taken from the Defence and War chapter. [Rock lobber, Lead Belcher, Bolt thrower]
Trappings: Hand weapon, leather coif, leather jacket, knife.
Entries: Endjineer (A), Arrer Boy (B)

Assassin (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: The highly lawless style of Goblinoid society lends itself to those who can take advantage of the system. Where the Sneaks do this in their thievery, Assassins do it in the way they know best: killing. The reaction of other Gobbos to the Assassinly arts varies from the contempt of direct violence types (who think a bit like followers of Ulric) to the fear, respect and awe of some Goblins. Few become Assassins, partly due to the intense training, dedication and danger inherent in the work, partly because the capacity of a tribe to support multiple Assassins is limited.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+20, S+2, T+2, W+6, I+20, A+2, Dex+20, Ld+10, Int+20, Cl+20, WP+20, Fel+10.
Skills: Strike to Injure, Dodge Blow, Disarm, Conc. Rural, Conc. Urban, Disguise, Marksmanship, Shadowing, Silent Move Rural, Silent Move Urban, Spec Wpn - Throwing knife, Spec Wpn - Garrotte, Spec Wpn - 2H, Spec Wpn - Parrying wpns.
Trappings: Dark cloak, garotte, throwing knives, hand weapon.
Entries: Mercenary (B), Mercenary Cheef (A), Kaoshunter (A), Arrer Boy (B), Sneak (B), Sneakin' Git (A), Humie Slayur (B)
Exits: Kaoshunter (A)

Boarboy Scout (Advanced Ranger)
This career is almost identical to the Wulfboy Scout (A), which I refer you to for more information.
Entries: Foot Scout (B), Grunta (B)
Exits: Grunta (B)

Cheetin' Git (Advanced Rogue) [By N. Arne Dam]
Desc: In any larger Orc camp you will find the Cheetin' Gits, the tribe huzzlers. Primarily being smarter than average Goblins, Hobgoblins and small Orcs, they gamble and perform bunko-artist-like tricks that impress the other boys and, hopefully, throw of a little cash. The most famous trick is the three skulls and the finger-bone ("O', yoo fink da boon is under dis skull. Lez 'ave a look..."). As well as this they are skilled (if such is the right word) in various gambling games, typically dice. Unfortunately, it's hard to make tricks and win cash in gambling without making someone look foolish. When the ones with cash are the big guys, being a Cheetin' Git can be a rather dangerous job...
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, T+1, W+2, I+10, Dex+20, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+10, Fel+20.
Skills: Blather, Flee!, Gamble, Luck [I know, it's an innate one, but... Personally I wouldn't allow it in this context, but feel free to allow or disallow it according to your game style - MG], Palm Object, Wit.
Trappings: Assorted collection of small teeth and bones, three skulls, set of bone dice.
Entries: Sneak (B), Snivla (B)
Exits: Sneakin' Git (A) [Maybe Advisor. After all, politics and entertainment are two sides of the same coin]

Dwurfie Slayur (Advanced Warrior) [By Chris Clements]
Desc: For those Humie Slayurs who, by luck or destiny, survive the life of a Humie Slayur, there is nothing to hold them back from what is probably the summit of Goblinoid fighting prowess, the Dwurfie Slayur. These guys are as crazy as their Humie Slayur brethren, only more so, and many have a proficiency in combat that possibly even the hardiest Dwarf would blanch at. Few offend a Dwurfie Slayur and live to tell the tale. See also the Humie Slayur (B) career.
Adv. scheme: WS+40, BS+20, S+2, T+2, W+8, I+30, A+2, Ld+30, Int+10, Cl+40, WP+20.
Skills: Three more Spec Wpn proficiencies, Frenzied Attack, Torture, Wrestling.
Trappings: As Humie Slayur plus D3 insanity points more.
Entries: Humie Slayur (B)

Endjineer (Advanced Academic)
Desc: Endjineers are the machine making geniuses of the Goblinoid tribe. It is these boffins who make the war machines the Goblinoids use (and which aren't scavenged from elsewhere), which they are also fully capable of firing given a crew to command (after all, they did design them). A few have experimented in adding 'bionic bitz' to volunteers (or victims) bodies while others delight in the making and usage of devilish torture equipment.
Adv scheme: WS+10, BS+10, W+2, Dex+20, Int+20.
Skills: Carpentry, Engineering, R/W - GobScript, Set Trap, Spot Traps, 25% chance of Smithing, 25% chance of Metallurgy, 20% chance of Spec wpn - one type of artillery from the Defence and War chapter [Rock lobber, Lead Belcher, Bolt thrower]
Trappings: Artisans tools, D4 small torture items (thumb screws?).
Entries: Painboy (A), Smiff (A), Craffter (B)
Exits: Artillerist (A), Painboy (A), Smiff (A)

Gang Cheef (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: The rank and file Ganggobs are usually organised into combat and patrol units called 'gangs', and so above the rank of Ganggob comes the Gang Cheef. This is somewhat of a misnomer, as it actually covers not only those who command individual gangs, but those who command a number of gangs (and who are under the command of Warcheefs themselves. More info can be found in the Defence and War chapter.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+6, I+20, A+1, Ld+20, Cl+20, Fel+10.
Skills: Disarm, Dodge Blow, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun.
Trappings: Hand weapon, leather coif, leather jacket, knife.
Entries: Ganggob (B)
Exits: Warcheef (A)

Kaoshunter (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: The hand of chaos spreads even to the Badlands. The deeper tunnels of many Goblinoid holds are not without their chaotic inhabitants and chaos routinely walks the Darklands. Some especially brave or foolish Gobbos work to counter this, often giving up their lives or driven mad if they are not already. Most leave the tribe system and wander the Badlands or Darklands seeking out chaos and its spawn, usually dying quickly as a result. A few specialise in ridding the deeper tunnels of tribal holds of chaotic spawn, of those who venture into the more notorious tunnels few return.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+20, S+1, T+1, W+5, I+30, A+2, Dex+20, Ld+20, Int+10, Cl+10, WP+20, Fel+10.
Skills: Marksmanship, Silent Move Rural, Silent Move Urban, Strike Mighty Blow, Spec Wpn - Net.
Trappings: Hand weapon, leather coif, leather jerkin.
Entries: Assassin (A), Mercenary (B), Mercenary Cheef (A), Rat Catcher (B)
Exits: Assassin (A), Fanatic (B)

Mercenary Cheef (Advanced Warrior)
Desc: Mercenary Cheefs are those in charge of the mercenary bands that travel the Goblinoid lands, hiring themselves to one side or other in a conflict and taking payment by way of a share of the spoils. See also the Mercenary (B) career.
Adv scheme: WS+20, BS+10, S+1, T+1, W+3, I+10, A+1, Dex+10, Ld+10, Cl+20, Fel+10.
Skills: Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Street Fighter.
Trappings: Mail shirt, shield, leather coif, hand weapon.
Entries: Mercenary (B), Humie Slayur (B)
Exits: Assassin (A), Advisor (A), Kaoshunter (A), Warcheef (A)

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