Note: The contents of this chapter may, at some point in the future, have to be reduced from that which you see present. If that becomes the case, it will still contain basic information that could be ferreted out from the same sources I used to compile the Project, but not as much gap-filler, unofficial material as is here at present. The reason for the potentiality of removing this information is that a sourcebook that might, just possibly, get published sometime is in development at this time, that may yet (we still don't know quite yet) contain some as yet unofficial information broadly similar to some of that that presented here. Due to publishing constraints, and to keep open the possibility of publishing that information, I reserve the right to remove it from view here in due course.

Fungus Brew and the Madcap Mushroom

[[Check SoB, the Herbiary, the Restless Dead, ...]]
[[Not in the Herbiary...]]
[[Or in SoB...]]
[[Or Restless Dead...]]

The Sneakin' Gitz Lafta Mold [By Chris Clements]

The Sneakin' Gitz 'Lafta Mold':

        Availability: Rare, Winter to Spring.  Deep caves.
        Price: 15/-                Method of Application: Inhalation
        Preparation: 4 weeks       Dosage: 1 round (very powerful)
        Skills: None               Tests: None (must be within 4 yards)

When the mold is rubbed onto cloth it will embed itself into the fibres. When the garment is shaken heavily it releases some of the trapped fragments in a four yard radius. Those within the moulds effect must make a toughness test at -10 or fall victim to uncontrollable mirth and exhibit behaviour that is very similar to being intoxicated (dead drunk). I-10 (min. 1), Dex-20 (min. 1), Int-20 (min. 5), Cl+20, WP- 10. All Fel tests made by others against the target gain a +20 modifier. These effects last for D6+6 turns minus the victims toughness.


GobScript, or Ha^zScript, is one of the more advanced forms of the Goblinoid written language. More on general Goblinoid language can be found in the Goblinoid culture chapter, this appendix focuses on some specific word translations.

Deity Names

Chaos gods:

Law gods:

Goblinoid gods:

Words for Goblinoid Species, Other Races and their Languages



Other Words


Template Deity

 Area of worship:
 Friends and enemies:
 Holy days:
 Spell use:

Template Career (BasicAdvanced CareerClass)

 Adv scheme:

Template Creature



 Average profile:
  M    WS   BS   S   T   W   I   A   Dex  Ld  Int  Cl  WP  Fel
  x    xx   xx   x   x   x   xx  x   xx   xx   xx  xx  xx   xx

   M         WS       BS      S       T        W        I
  D3+x    2D10+xx  2D10+xx  D3+x    D3+x     D3+x   2D10+xx
   A         Dex      Ld     Int      Cl       WP      Fel
   1      2D10+xx  2D10+xx 2D10+xx 2D10+xx  2D10+xx 2D10+xx

   Night vision:
    Fate points:

Template # of Skills Chart

 Age             Sn/LG/G     O/SO/BO     Hg        HO
  .                .          .          .         .
  .                .          .          .         .
  .                .          .          .         .
 (Key: Sn=Snotling, LG=lesser goblin, G=goblin, O=orc, SO=Savage orc, BO=Black orc,
Hg=Hobgoblin, HO=Half orc)

Template Random Career Class Chart

 Sn      LG/G    O/SO/BO   Hg      HO       Class
 01-..   01-..   01-..     01-..   01-..    Academic
 ..-..   ..-..   ..-..     ..-..   ..-..    Ranger
 ..-..   ..-..   ..-..     ..-..   ..-..    Rogue
 ..-00   ..-00   ..-00     ..-00   ..-00    Warrior

Template Random Career Chart (by Career Class)

 Academic Chart [[Ranger/Rogue/Warrior]]
 Sn      LG/G    O/SO/BO   Hg      HO       Career
 01-..   01-..   01-..     01-..   01-..    Career #1
 ..-..   ..-..   ..-..     ..-..   ..-..    Career #2
       .       .        .        .        .
       .       .        .        .        .
       .       .        .        .        .
 ..-00   ..-00   ..-00     ..-00   ..-00    Career #n

Template Random Career Chart (by Tribe Size)

 Band Chart [[Tribe/Horde/... or possibly using numbers, eg. 0-100, 100-200, etc.]]
 Sn      LG/G    O/SO/BO   Hg      HO       Career
 01-..   01-..   01-..     01-..   01-..    Career #1
 ..-..   ..-..   ..-..     ..-..   ..-..    Career #2
       .       .        .        .        .
       .       .        .        .        .
       .       .        .        .        .
 ..-00   ..-00   ..-00     ..-00   ..-..    Career #n

Career Entries/Exits Summary

 Career Name                  Short  AB  Entries               Exits
 Advisor                      Advi   A   Sha3 Sha4 MerC        WarB
                                         WarC SnoC
 Arrer Boy                    ArrB   B                         Artl Assa
 Artillerist                  Artl   A   Endj ArrB
 Artist                       Arti   B                         Craf Fana
 Assassin                     Assa   A   Merc MerC Kaos ArrB   Kaos
 Boarboy Scout                BoaS   A   Grun
 Cheetin' Git                 CheG   A   Snea Sniv             SneG
 Craffter                     Craf   B   Arti                  Smif Doom Dokt Endj
 Doktor                       Dokt   B   Craf                  Pain
 Doom Diver                   Doom   B   Craf                  Fana
 Driver                       Driv   B   Grun Wulf             Grun Wulf
 Dwurfie Slayur               DwuS   A   HumS
 Eadbanger                    EadB   B                         Sha1
 Endjineer                    Endj   A   Pain Smif Craf        Artl Pain Smif
 Fanatic                      Fana   B   Arti Doom Kaos        HumS
 Foot Scout                   Scou   B   Mapp Slav             WulS Mapp
 Forager                      Fora   B   Slav                  Snea
 Gang Cheef                   GanC   A   Gang                  WarC
 Ganggob                      Gang   B   Wall RatC             Pain Wall GanC RatC
 Grunta                       Grun   B                         Pack Snor BoaS
 Humie Slayur                 HumS   B   Merc Fana             DwuS MerC Assa
 Kaoshunter                   Kaos   A   Assa Merc MerC RatC   Assa Fana
 Kook                         Kook   B   Fora                  Pain
 Mappboy                      Mapp   B   Scou                  Scou
 Mercenary                    Merc   B                         Bash MerC Assa HumS
                                                               GanC Kaos
 Mercenary Cheef              MerC   A   Merc HumS             Assa Advi
                                                               Kaos WarC
 Nannee                       Nann   B   Slav
 Pack Master                  Pack   A   Runt SqgH Wulf        SqgH
 Painboy                      Pain   A   Dokt Endj Gang        Endj
 Prostitute                   Pros   B   Sniv Slav             Slav Snea
 Rat Catcher                  RatC   B   Slav Gang             Gang Kaos
 Runtherd                     Runt   B   Slav                  Pack
 Shaman L1                    Sha1   A   EadB                  Sha2
 Shaman L2                    Sha2   A   Sha1                  Sha3
 Shaman L3                    Sha3   A   Sha2                  Sha4 Advi
 Shaman L4                    Sha4   A   Sha3                  Advi
 Slave                        Slav   B   Sniv Pros             TunR Runt Nann RatC
                                                               Fora Scou Pros
 Smiff                        Smif   A   Craf Endj             Endj
 Sneak                        Snea   B   Sniv TunR Fora Pros   SneG CheG
 Sneakin' Git                 SneG   A   Snea CheG
 Snivla                       Sniv   B                         Snea Slav Pros CheG
 Snorta                       Snor   A   Grun                  SnoC
 Snorta Cheef                 SnoC   A   Snor                  WarB Advi
 Squig Hunter                 SqgH   B   Pack                  Pack
 Tunnel Runner                TunR   B   Slav                  Snea
 Wall Drummer                 Wall   B   Gang                  Gang
 Warboss                      WarB   A   WarC SnoC
 Warcheef                     WarC   A   GanC                  WarB Advi
 Wulfboy                      Wulf   B   WulS                  WulS Pack
 WulfBoy Scout                WulS   A   Scou Wulf             Wulf 

Sources and Acknowledgements

This project has a number of sources to thank for it's existance, listed below:

Official or semi-official sources, in no particular order:

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I would use Doomstones 2: Death and Wars also, did I but own it. Can anyone help me out with this? Or the last two of the original Doomstones books?

Unofficial sources, in no particular order:

 Filenames are with respect to the Warhammer archives FTP site.
* By Chris Clements:
   Stunty Slayurs          (Careers/Warrior/StuntySlayer.txt)
   Sneakin' Gitz           (Careers/Ranger/SneakinGitz.txt)
   Bubogall                (NPCs/Bubogall.txt)
* By Hal Eccles:
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   Cult of Yor             (Religion/CultOfYor.txt)
* Others:
   Goblin Fanatic ('Alfred the GM') (Careers/Warrior/GoblinFanatic.txt)
   Wall Drummer (Oliver Rosenkranz) (Careers/Warrior/WallDrummer.txt)
   World History (Alfred Nunez)     (Campaign/WorldHistory.txt)
* Plus never-before released material written specially for the project.  Special
thanks to N. Arne Dam and Arno van der Kwast in this area.

Additionally, I'd especially like to thank Hal Eccles, N. Arne Dam, Arno van der Kwast and Martin Oliver for their invaluable help and advice on this project and bringing a number of neglected points to my attention - I hope they and others continue to do so! Finally, thanks to all who contributed to this project in the form of material, ideas or encouragement and who I have failed to mention here. Many thanks and a great big hug to you all.

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