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The WFRP Goblinoid Culture Project

Welcome to the Goblinoid project. The projects' mission, should it choose to accept it, is to act as a respository and centre of information on the Goblinoid races of WFRP). This release of the project is by no means finished yet, and I'm hoping for feedback from the WFRP populace of the net in its' improvement, enhancement and expansion. Any feedback (good or bad) gratefully accepted at , and I will try to personally answer any feedback received. Please bear in mind, however, that I'm getting less and less time for non-curricular work, and so response may be slow or non-existant.

A huge wodge of thanks to Hal Eccles, Arne Dam, Arno van der Kwast,
Oliver Rosenkranz, Chris Clements, Martin Oliver and 'Alfred the GM' for
their invaluable help, advice and material; a big mention to the players of
my roleplay group: Matt Parker and Ellen Simmons, who were at least partly
responsible for my writing this (now you know who to blame!) and many
thanks to anyone else I've forgotton to mention but whose work is used,
directly or indirectly, in this project.

I'll be adding more links and material as and when I have time (which is rare).
The latest project can also be downloaded a zip file (283 Kb) of all these HTML files.

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