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Cubicle7 opens WFRP4 preorders


WFRP was born in 1986, created by Games Workshop. Over the space of 30 years the fortunes of WFRP have come and gone, with WFRP spending a great deal of time out of print. Many games of comparable age to WFRP are now in high version numbers, while WFRP survived for 20 years in its original version. After a chequered history of being taken up by Flame Publications, and later Hogshead, WFRP version 2 was released by Black Industries /Green Ronin and then later in a controversial third edition by Fantasy Flight Games, it has been officially confirmed after FFG lost the license that it will be taken up by Cubicle7 with a new fourth edition.

The Old World. On the surface, it is a vast and fertile place, filled with teeming cities, Elf-haunted forests and lofty crags where Dwarves battle with Goblins and their kin. But a shadow hangs over the world, cast by the dark, corrupting hand of Chaos. From the pirate-ridden coast of Tilea to the fortified villages of the barbaric East, a few heroes strive to hold back the endless tide of Chaos spilling from the North. But Chaos also gnaws from within, and its hidden servants work to bring the world to its knees before the Dark Gods. It is the corrupted individuals who walk the corridors of power, and the unsuspecting masses who harbour the seeds of Chaos in their very being, who pose the most dangerous enemy of all - the enemy within.

WFRP Download

I have various goodies for download, including a complete WFRP 1 index, a mostly complete WFRP 2 index, character sheets for WFRP 2, and more, are available from the WFRP Download page.

External Sites

There are many other WFRP sites on the internet. Since the days when WFRP was out of print and fan support kept the game alive, many venerable WFRP sites have sadly disappeared or ceased to be updated. I rate a number of WFRP websites, which were still live and updated on last check, here: Rated Sites.

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