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Here you can find those links to some of the useful WFRP pages out there that I've found surfing the web. Sites are rated from 1 star * (maybe worth a look, but not exactly setting the world alight) to a maximum of 5 stars ***** (excellent sites packed with content and highly recommended). Site ratings are based on content, presentation, how relevant and up to date the sites are kept, personal perogative and how well I slept on the night before I rated them :o).

***** 5 Star Sites :

**** 4 Star Sites :

*** 3 Star Sites :

** 2 Star Sites :

If you haven't visited it yet, do go and visit, the primary portal for WFRP on the web. There resides the WFRP Archives, containing a wealth of information for GMs of WFRP, much of it written by the folks, past and present, of the WFRP mailing list. Also included there is an excellent WFRP FAQ for those new to the game or who have had their head in a bucket of Warpstone for the last few years regarding WFRPs status regarding Games Workshop.

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Other Miscellaneous and Roleplaying Links


If you use Notepad to edit plain text files, I recommend you consider Programmers File Editor (PFE) as a replacement. Admitedly, it's now showing it's age in terms of things like a lack of syntax highlighting, but it absolutely shines in its handling of very large files, handling them better than any other text editor I've encountered.

Another excellent editor for HTML and program code well worth a try is Crimson Editor, or what may be its eventual code-base successor Emerald Editor.

Dysfunctional roleplayers everywhere will no doubt find roleplaying webzine Critical Miss interesting. Another wonderful link is Web Dice, taking you to a treasure trove of useful gadgets for busy GMs, from on-line dice rolls to instant villages, NPCs, character names, ... A brilliant site.

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