Most currently active forums: Strike to Stun

There are many WFRP fan forums out on the internet, from the WFRP mailing list to the official Black Industries forum. These forums vary tremendously from each other in user base and scope.

Undoubtedly the oldest of the discussion forums is the WFRP Mailing List, for years a staple of the WFRP internet community, but which lately has been in declining use. Recent closures and hacker attacks on other forums have increased discussion on this mailing list recently.
Archives of the WFRP mailing list can be found at .

For many years, the Strike to Stun forum has been active, and continues to go on strong despite competition from other forums over the years. Now probably the main WFRP forum.

A relatively new forum is the forum, started about when the Black Industries forum (see below) closed down.

For some years the official forum, including discussion on the playtesting of WFRP 2, was the forum on the Black Industries site. This has since closed in 2008, however, after Games Workshop closed Black Industries down and once again passed WFRP out to be operated as a license (this time by Fantasy Flight Games).

For many recent months/years the Critical Hit forums were the main melting pot for WFRP discussion. They closed on the 23th August 2004 with the owner, Andrew Fawcett, citing the time needed to adminstrate the forum as the reason for it's closure.

News : 28th August 2004 : Hacking Attacks

Recently WFRP forums, including at least and Strike to Stun, have been under attack from hackers. The Strike to Stun forum is presently only in partial use while it is rebuilt following a hacking intrusion and improved to better withstand the attacks. To quote Natascha, the Strike to Stun administrator:

  Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:59 pm
  Post subject: Forums attacked again...	 	

  Within the last few days our forums have been attacked more times. During this attacks, 
  the database tables were erased, resulting in the loss of all data of the last week. 
  Today the same thing happened again. I know, this is not funny, especially for me, but 
  there is somebody out there that thinks its great fun destroying the wfrp-community. 

  Believe me, I do what I can, but somehow I'm loosing the fun in this all. I'll try to 
  restore the whole thing again. This time it might take a little bit longer as I have to 
  soup up the forums code so that an attack like this would not be possible anymore. 
  In the meantime I beg you to stay cool and not to loose the faith in StS. 



It is known that has also been attacked at least once within the same time frame as the attacks on Strike to Stun. The closure of the Critical Hit forums, despite speculation, has been stated to not been related to any hacking intrusions. Discussion and speculation (as well as suggestions on creative ways of visting pain and discomfort on the perpetrator of the attacks :o) on the attacks has been rampant on the WFRP mailing list (but surprisingly absent from the Black Industries forum). It did, at least, brought life temporarily back to the WFRP mailing list. Fingers were later pointed at individuals, who may or may not have been responsible for any attacks (these accusations will not be repeated here, but are out on the web to read should anyone feel the urge - this website for one is staying out of that particular blame game...).

News : 23rd August 2004 : Critical Hit Forums Closure

The Critical Hot forums have closed. The following message now greets users attempting to access the Critical Hit forum:
  It is my sad duty to inform everyone that the Critical Hit Forums have been closed.

  The major factor in this decision has been the increasing amount of time it takes 
  to administrate the forums, time which we cannot now afford.

  We have tried to give the best support possible to Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, 
  Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 but feel we have taken the CH forums as far as they 
  can go. Certainly there are no shortage of forums dedicated to these games.

  We'd like to thank all those members, especially the hardworking moberators, who 
  have given us their support and have been dedicated to the forums for so many 

  The CH team
The Critical Hit forum was a vibrant community and a valuable resource for WFRP. It will be missed.

History of the WFRP Mailing List

Readers may find this exposition (by Aaron Pile) on the history of the mailing list of interest:
  From: Aaron Pile <xxx@xxx>
  Subject: [wfrp] List History
  Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 18:03:52 +1000
  To: <wfrp mailing list>

  List History
  Aaron Pile
  WFRP list is dead, long live the wfrp list.

  Thanks to Clay for hosting the list for so long.
  Thanks to Jinny for hosting the new one.

  As there was some interest in the list history I have included the following
  list I compiled when we moved to  If anyone can supply more
  sites to fill in the gaps or more acurate dates I'd be interested.

  Also if anyone can remember any of the various parallel lists that ran when
  the official list was down please let me know.

  My digest archive is far from complete (Though I have an aweful lot). Should
  anyone have old digests archived please contact me.           18 Nov 1993 to 18 Nov 1993       16 Jun 1994 to 24 Jun 1994     15 Aug 1994 to 28 Jun 1994        8 Sep 1994 to  1 Dec 1995       24 Apr 1996 to  1 May 1997        16 Jun 1997 to 18 Aug 1997   Changed to       18 Aug 1997 to  1 Sep 1997   Changed from   17 Oct 1997 to 16 Mar 1998      16 Mar 1998 to 25 Mar 1999
      Same machine as AKA      26 Mar 1999 to .......        23 May 2004 to ......

  PS some questions/sugestions about the new list (in case it doesn't

  Can the archive be set up to archive individual digests? If you miss a
  digest its far easier to retrieve one than to download the entire list
  history, or try to reconstuct it from individual list messages. (As you may
  have gathered I'm a list archive nut).

  It would be a good idea to block attachments (stops viruses and large
  binaries from spreading via the list).

  For the digest it would be nice to remove the HTML mime section from the
  individual emails (make the digest far nicer to read).

  Good luck and best wishes all.

  Aaron Pile
I personally first joined the mailing list in approximately 1995-1996, when it was on At the time of that post by Aaron the list was in a state of flux where the list at was due to be closed as part of some server changes (as announced by list admin Clay Luther). The list at - where Aarons post was made to - was created following this announcement in preparation for the list closure. The list on did indeed close before being subsequently automatically re-created (to Clays surprise as much as anyone elses) on 31 May 2004. The list continued until 23 June 2004 as problems were found with the new list. Eventually the problems were solved and the list closed 23 June 2004. The current WFRP list has ran on since 31 May 2004.


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