Eyes Fnord
News!  27th April 2020 Updated WFRP2 index. Now covers Barony of the Damned, Lure of the Liche Lord, and the Thousand Thrones campaign.
News!  15th April 2020 Updated WFRP2 index. Ten years and a pandemic lockdown since it was last updated, it now also covers Shades of Empire, Realm of the Ice Queen, Nights Dark Masters, Terror in Talabheim, Renegade Crowns and the Career Compendium.
  8th May 2018 Update on 40K to make the Kaos rules available now the WFRP1 books are available in PDF, and Cubicle 7's WFRP4 preorders.
  26th Dec 2017 Update on 40K, Ulysses Spiele and Cubicle 7's WFRP1 PDFs.
  28th May 2017 Confirmation that that Cubicle7 will be publishing WFRP 4E. As well as that, they will be publishing an RPG on GW's new Age of Sigmar setting - but which will use a different ruleset to WFRP 4e.
  29th January 2017 Rumours that WFRP has a new licensee.
  4th December 2016 In an announcement, Fantasy Flight Games will no longer have the license to publish the 40K RPGs. The announcement, dated 9th September 2016, says sale of that content will stop as of 28th February 2017, but as I write this in December 2016 the PDFs are no longer on DriveThruRPG, cannot be purchased on the FFG site, and many of the hardback books are no longer available (presumably sold out).
  29th March 2015 Rebuilt my collection of WFRP2 books, and the final Warpstone was published.
Also, a mention to the late Terry Patchett and Leonard Nimoy.
  18th October 2014 After too long not updating this site, I'm now looking to update it more often. I'm also rebuilding my set of WFRP2 books after my set of core books disappeared several years ago. Oh, and after 5 years of my steadfastly ignoring it, WFRP3 is undead.
  23rd September 2010 The WFRP and 40,000 pages have been updated.
  16th September 2008 The WFRP pages have been updated!
  27th August 2007 WFRP2 Index updated with info from Children of the Horned Rat, Tome of Corruption and WFRP Companion. Other additional books will be forthcoming in time.