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This page is where you can read about the latest updates to the web site. I hope to keep this page updated at least every month or so, with expanded information on site updates. You can find more history of the site here, in short soundbite form.

April 2020

WFRP2 Index

Updated WFRP2 index. It may have taken ten years and a pandemic lockdown, but the WFRP2 index has been updated for the remaining WFRP2 sourcebook PDFs all the remaining official WFRP2 PDFs. Now added are Shades of Empire, Realm of the Ice Queen, Nights Dark Masters, Terror in Talabheim, Renegade Crowns, the Career Compendium, Barony of the Damned, Lure of the Liche Lord, and the Thousand Thrones campaign.

Still remaining to add are some later issues of unoffical sources - most notably Warpstone magazine - assuming I can find those issues in the garage...

May 2018

Cubicle 7 Open WFRP4 Preorders

Cubicle 7 have opened WFRP4 preorders, including for a leather-effect collectors edition.

December 2017

WFRP1 PDFs and Ulysses Spiele News

Ulysses Spiele news for 40K, and WFRP1 PDFs are available to buy!

May 2017

Cubicle 7 Announce WFRP 4E and Age of Sigmar RPGs

After January's rumours that Cubicle 7 would be the new licensee for WFRP, it has now been officially confirmed by Cubicle7, who will be publishing a new fourth edition which will "take its direction from the first and second editions". They have also announced an Age of Sigmar RPG which will use a different ruleset.

And for anyone who doesn't have it yet, Zweihander is now available to buy in electronic form from DriveThruRPG. Crowdfunding backers should already have their electronic copies of this.

December 2016

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay

In an announcement, Fantasy Flight Games will no longer publish their family of WH40K RPGs. In the announcement, FFG no longer have the license as of 9th September 2016. The announcement says sale of that content will stop as of 28th February 2017, but as I write this in December 2016 the PDFs are no longer on DriveThruRPG, they cannot be purchased on the FFG site, and what's left that they seem to be selling is the physical (hardback) books - many of which are not available perhaps from being now both out of stock and out of print. This is on the back of FFG stopping production of supplements for WFRP3 in 2014. So it's into the out of print wilderness for the offical Warhammer 40K RPGs. Keep an eye on the situation further on my 40K page.

March 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Hail, fellow worshippers of great Tzeen^H^H^H^H^HSigmar. Another update:

I rebuilt my collection of physical WFRP2 books - after some of the key core books of mine disappeared without a trace. I suspect they were maybe sucked into the Warp, stolen by cultists (or perhaps Skaven), or transmuted into Warpstone. That would explain the extra tentacle. Anyway, between Abebooks (yanks and anyone else not in the UK try here instead) and Ebay, I got replacements for the lost ones. Well, most of them. The prices for copies of Knights of the Grail were just crazy. In the end for that I took my PDF copy of KotG, and got Print-My-PDF to print one for me. Came out great.

In an update to the last update, Warpstone 30 shipped, and what an issue it was. The size of a regular sourcebook! Nice to see Warpstone again, but it was also sad to see it go. Thanks to John Foody and all of the Warpstone team for the magazine over the years.

Finally, a moment to remember the late, great Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy, both of whom passed away in the time since the last update. Terry walked with Death into the great beyond, and Leonard will also be fondly remembered. Live long and prosper.

October 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

OK, so, first apologies. I haven't updated this website for far too long. I'm looking to change that.

Secondly, I'm in the process of rebuilding my core set of WFRP2 books after they seemingly disappeared into thin air a few years back. About 5 or 6 of my core set of WFRP2 books, including a copy of the rulebook, Realm of Sorcery, Tome of Corruption, the Armoury, the Bestiary and Sigmars Heirs, just disappeared. I've now come to the conclusion that I'm not going to find them, and have set about finding replacements. Most of what I'd consider to be the less used books, I didn't lose, thankfully, so there's only a few books I need to replace. Can you believe Knights of the Grail goes for 50 or more now??

Third, after 5 years of my steadfastly ignoring WFRP3, WFRP3 is officially dead - meaning no new WFRP3 supplements are now going to be produced. FFG will still hold onto the license from GW of course.

There is also news that, also after 5 long years, Warpstone is due to finally publish its final, last ever, no-more-again-after-this issue 30 - and it's a whopper. Check it out. If the schedule holds up, it's due out November 2014.

September 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The WFRP pages have been updated. Now includes info on WFRP 3.

Warhammer 40,000

The 40,000 pages have been updated. They now include info Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Deathwatch.

September 2008

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The WFRP pages have been updated! The WFRP2 Index is still being maintained, though not up to date at present (time commitments etc.). Other additional books will be added to the index in time.

August 2007

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The WFRP2 Index is now updated with info from Children of the Horned Rat, Tome of Corruption and WFRP Companion. Other additional books will be forthcoming in time.

April 2007

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

After a long time not updated, the WFRP2 Index is now updated with info from Forges of Nuln and Knights of the Grail. Other additional books will be forthcoming in time.

July 2006

New Guestbook! The old one was attracting spam, and I will no longer accept any entries in it. Instead, put a pin in the new guestbook map and let me know where you are...

February 2006

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

WFRP2 Index updated with info from Warpstone 24, Ashes of Middenheim, Liber Fanatica II, Wood Elf Army Book, Realms of Sorcery, Karak Azgal, Dwarf Army Book, Lustria Army Book, Storm of Chaos Army Book, Spires of Altdorf, Liber Chaotica Undivided and Liber Fanatica III.

January 2006

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

WFRP2 Index updated with info from Sigmars Heirs. Happy New Year, Folks!

December 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

As an early Christmas present to fans of my WFRP index, you can now try out the new and improved HTML format WFRP Index, complete with funky hyperlinks to help in navigating it. Enjoy. :o)

October 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area. Added entries for Character Pack, GM Pack, and Old World Bestiary. More to follow.

Family Tree

Updated family tree.

July 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area and added new WFRP 2 Index. The WFRP2 index does not yet cover all WFRP2 books, but all of them will eventually be covered.

April 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

On 29th March 2005, WFRP2 released by Black Industries! More news on how the new rules will affect my online projects will follow.

February 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from Warpstone 23, Blood on the Reik and Ogre Kingdoms.

January 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from The Loathsome Ratmen.

October 2004

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from Warpstone 22 and Inferno 45.

Warhammer Online

In October 2004 came a further reported development on Warhammer Online. Despite being cancelled as a joint venture (between Games Workshop and developer Climax) by Games Workshop, news came in October that Climax have apparently never actually stopped working on Warhammer Online, and have been continuing to develop it, self-funded, even since the widely reported cancellation of the venture in June. As such, it appears news of Warhammer Online's demise in June was widely exaggerated, an impression not exactly dispelled by Games Workshop and Climax themselves before now. Read the interview with David Nicholson from Climax. Reports, including Nicholson himself in the interview, say that Climax are still in contact and collaboration with Games Workshop, and that the game will retain its dark Warhammer imagery and feel. Climax are reported to be seeking partners/publishers for the game.

August 2004

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Of especial not this month has been the closure of the Critical Hit forum and the high profile hacking attacks on the Warhammer.net and Strike to Stun forums. I have created a new page on the WFRP discussion forums to present news on WFRP forums and summarise their status.

June 2004

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I've updated the main WFRP page to split the pages up, hopefully speed up loading and generally make the WFRP pages more modern and navigable.

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online has been cancelled! Apparently, even the developers and website/forum administrators had little to no forewarning of the decision. Despite rumours and conspiracy theories of the cancellation being connected to Climax allegedly ripping off GW, the truth seems to be that Games Workshop simply lost their nerve in what for them was a new, costly and somewhat risky arena of business.

May 2004

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Big news on the WFRP license: it has been announced that Games Workshop have given control of WFRP to Black Industries, an imprint of GW's Black Library. Black Industries have released this press release stating that they will be developing a WFRP second edition, in collaboration with Green Ronin, expected to ship in 2005.

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from Beasts of Chaos.

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay

Updated Witchhunt and Light of the Emperor chapters of the 40,000 RPG.

In their press release, Green Ronin also indicated a possible future official Warhammer 40,000 RPG. What form this might take, or whether it will happen at all, are unknown.

March 2004

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from Warpstone issue 21 and old White Dwarf issues 100, 120, 126, 128, 173 and 175.

February 2004

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from Liber Chaotica : Nurgle, Liber Chaotica : Tzeentch, the new Bretonnian Army Book, recent White Dwarf issue 290, as well as minor corrections.


Uploaded new version 1.3.5 of the QCCapture Windows utility. The previous version, 1.3.2, and probably versions before it, had a tendency to use a lot of CPU time (at least on my machine) when motion detection was enabled. This new version now allows the user to tune the amount of CPU that motion detection consumes. On my machine at least, this means that QCCapture now sits quite happily alongside SETI@Home without devouring all SETI's CPU resouces! :o)

October 2003

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download area with information from Warpstone 20.

Also a minor update to the WFRP history page, expanding on the status of the WFRP license with Black Library.

Warhammer 40,000

Updated the WH40K RPG Bestiary with additional information on the Necrons and Tau.

August 2003

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated WFRP Index in Download section, with information from Liber Chaotica: Slaanesh.


Uploaded new version 1.3.2 of the QCCapture Windows utility, fixing a memory leak problem in one of the program components.

Site Search

Brand new site search functionality, courtesy of Google. Type in keywords, and quickly find the site pages on the subjects of your choice. Find it on the main index page.

June 2003

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Updated the Traits and Skills documents to remove the Sixth Sense skill. It is replaced with a new Trait of the same name and the new Alert skill.

Updated WFRP Index in Download section, with information from the old Doomstones books, 'Fire in the Mountains' and 'Blood in Darkness'. 'Death Rock', 'Dwarf Wars', the Hogshead combined reprints, and 'Heart of Chaos' were already present in the index.

Updated the Divine Magic document. It is now larger, updated, and merged with the Divine Document.

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay

Updated the WH40K roleplay section. Expanded the provisional Travel chapter with additional information on time travel (and time paradoxes - the perfect stuff of Chaos :o) and moved it to become Appendix 4. Also expanded the Eldar chapter with additional information on Harlequins.

May 2003

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I've updated the Ward-hammer documents, including:

These and other documents are available here to download.


On the programs front, I've released a new version of QCCapture, version 1.3.1. If you don't know, QCCapture captures images from a webcam on your PC (yes, it's Windows only), either on a timer basis, or when motion occurs, or both. New version 1.3.1 now minimises and hides itself almost completely - not the case before - though it does leave itself as a tiny square in the corner of the screen still. Trust me, it's much better.

Details of the programs on the Windows Utilities page - give them a try :o).


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