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What's New?

2nd may 2004

Updated information on the Adeptus Soriritas (Light of the Emporer) and the Ordo Hereticus (Witchhunt).

26th October 2003

Updated background information on the Necrons in the Bestiary. Also added the Tau to the Bestiary. A chapter on the Tau may follow at some point in the future. (On a personal note there's something about the Tau that doesn't quite click for me, something missing somehow that I can't put my finger on. The chances are that I won't build up a chapter on the Tau in the short to mediem term unless I can put my finger on that something and expand on it.)

29th June 2003

Expanded provisional Travel chapter and moved it to become Appendix 4. Also expanded the Eldar chapter with additional information on Harlequins.

28th July 2002

Renamed Bestiary to be chapter 22, Added new Necrons chapter.

31st October 1999

Updated Time line.

21th September 1999

Uploaded Chaos chapter.

5th September 1999

Created this "What's New" page, uploaded improved Basic Careers, Advanced Careers, Assassins chapter and Index.

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