Kaos Rules

When Warhammer 40000 first edition - "Rogue Trader" - was released, the impression given was as if Games Workshop intended WH40K to be a roleplaying game rather than a tactical game. After a few years, however, and after Necromunda appeared to be just another set of rules for urban fights, Simone Gatti and Roberto di Meglio started work on an unofficial WH40K roleplaying game. The game started to be published in Italian magazine "Kaos", but only two articles made it to print, the introduction (with a method for generating characters from WH40K army lists), and a list of basic careers. These articles were later translated to English by Marco Bizzarri and Claudia Rege Cambrin. A dual WFRP/WH40K adventure, The Seed of Evil was also written and translated.

Shortly after the Kaos articles were published and translated, it appears, progress by the italian group stopped. However, others continued work. Oddbjorn Lona, Ian Ward (myself), Arne Dam, Arno van der Kwast and (probably) countless others worked. As such, the result that is these rules was influenced by many people. Many thanks to any whose work went into this but who are not acknowledged.

After a lot of game-testing, Simone and Roberto chose to adapt the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rule set. Rather than by the imminent release of the italian translation, Martelli da Guerra, this choice was affected by the possibility to exploit the WFRP careers system, that had been already tested by many RPG players.

Chapter 1: Introduction (5Kb)

Chapter 2: Character Creation (29Kb)

Chapter 3: Character Conversion (21Kb)

Chapter 4: Basic Careers (60Kb)

Chapter 5: Wargear (47Kb)

Chapter 6: Rules (5Kb)

Chapter 7: Psi (36Kb)

Chapter 8: Advanced Careers (65Kb)

WFRP/Warhammer 40000 Adventure: The Seed of Evil (65Kb)